Stormy opening in Belgrade

Stormy opening in Belgrade

Belgrade, April 12th 2006

Yesterday the Mobile Studios finally were opened for the audiences. The ceremony started with an impressing flashmob event that happened simultaneously in Budapest, Bratislava and Sofia. At 5 pm the Belgrade people had this wonderful experience of some fellow citizens starting to blow bubbles- seemingly out of the blue. Dorijan Kolundzija has installed his interactive performance in the live studio and the people stepped in to see what`s going on. Everything was just perfect – and then the rain came and it didn´t stop pouring up to now. This meant we had to secure the leaky parts of the Studios and organise a heater; the temperatures all of a sudden fell down and it got quite chilly inside the cubes.
Nevertheless, we don`t let ourselves get bothered by the weather and the show will go on, wonderfully organised by our Serbian curators Maja Ciric and Miroslav Karic: From today on, Belgrade will present performances and multimedia installations, illegal pastry shops, Vico Acconci`s chairs, empathic devices, evil girls, GSM festivals…


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