Experimental Video – Photo Installation with Talk Show at Millenaris Park, Budapest, 7th May, 2006.

The Mobile Studios Project arrives at Budapest in no time, the guys at Public Art Lab will start on 5th May the set up of their three magic buildings: the Talk Studio, the Live Studio and the Editorial Room. On Sunday the 7th, the opening of the one-week-long project will take place at Millenaris Park in front of the House of Future. Our flashmob exhibition tries to give you a nice view of point of two flashmobs organised in Budapest (Pillow Fight '05 and Bubble Blowing Flash Mob'06) The exhibition doesn't have enough time to collect and show the whole history of the flash mobs: that's because we are planning a Talk Show in which we discuss all of the issues of this 3-years old style of urban street art, the problems defining flash mob, the questions about law and flash mobs, role in history of art. Some other topics: Andy Warhol, Critical Mass, terrorism.


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