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Experimental Video – Photo Installation with Talk Show at Millenaris Park, Budapest, 7th May, 2006.

The Mobile Studios Project arrives at Budapest in no time, the guys at Public Art Lab will start on 5th May the set up of their three magic buildings: the Talk Studio, the Live Studio and the Editorial Room. On Sunday the 7th, the opening of the one-week-long project will take place at Millenaris Park in front of the House of Future. Our flashmob exhibition tries to give you a nice view of point of two flashmobs organised in Budapest (Pillow Fight '05 and Bubble Blowing Flash Mob'06) The exhibition doesn't have enough time to collect and show the whole history of the flash mobs: that's because we are planning a Talk Show in which we discuss all of the issues of this 3-years old style of urban street art, the problems defining flash mob, the questions about law and flash mobs, role in history of art. Some other topics: Andy Warhol, Critical Mass, terrorism.


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Green Street Hooligans: I’m forever blowing bubbles

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'What pleasure can be found in voluntarily seeking injury every weekend? Of course, the fuel of the firm is alcohol, its meeting place is a pub, and its war song is a boozy, defiant version of the last song you would think of: "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles." There's an intriguing montage showing Elite members at home and at their daytime jobs; the 1988 Clarke film made clear that firm members are not outcasts, but jobholders and family men who have violence as a hobby.'

Read the full review!

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Bubble Blowing Flashmob – April 11th – Budapest

Do you want to see what's happened on Tuesday, April 11th in Budapest at Moscow Square, between 17:55 and 18:20? Watch the video, enjoy the gentle music by Carlos. Thanks to Edit Blaumann (Camera) and Gabor Frank (Edit) too!

Bubble Blowing Flashmob – Video – 1Mbps, 14Mb

Bubble Blowing Flashmob – Video – 256Kbps, 3Mb

Full video documentation and prints at 17:30, May 7th, House Future (Millenaris Park), Budapest.

Organiser: Mobile Studios Project – Public Art Lab

Participants: Cultural E-zine

Imagomundi Cultural Association

Sfeer Visual Group

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Stormy opening in Belgrade

Stormy opening in Belgrade

Belgrade, April 12th 2006

Yesterday the Mobile Studios finally were opened for the audiences. The ceremony started with an impressing flashmob event that happened simultaneously in Budapest, Bratislava and Sofia. At 5 pm the Belgrade people had this wonderful experience of some fellow citizens starting to blow bubbles- seemingly out of the blue. Dorijan Kolundzija has installed his interactive performance in the live studio and the people stepped in to see what`s going on. Everything was just perfect – and then the rain came and it didn´t stop pouring up to now. This meant we had to secure the leaky parts of the Studios and organise a heater; the temperatures all of a sudden fell down and it got quite chilly inside the cubes.
Nevertheless, we don`t let ourselves get bothered by the weather and the show will go on, wonderfully organised by our Serbian curators Maja Ciric and Miroslav Karic: From today on, Belgrade will present performances and multimedia installations, illegal pastry shops, Vico Acconci`s chairs, empathic devices, evil girls, GSM festivals…

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Some links to the flashmob!






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The flood has arrived in Belgrade

The weather isn't at our side. Shortly after Budapest, the flood of the Danube reached Belgrade.

River, stay in your watercourse!

Leave a Comment, the scandalous biweekly e-zine of Hungary wrote about Sofia!, the scandalous biweekly e-zine of Hungary wrote an article about Sofia! If you want to learn hungarian try to read this!

a kibaszott világ
Szófia és vidéke

Orosz PéterSok fejben Bulgária a világ Krakenektől fortyogó pereme, betegségektől hemzsegő és mocskos rettenet. Ahol még a betűk se normálisak. Ez speciel igaz, a többi viszont egyáltalán nem. És egyébként is, sokan azt sem tudják, mi az, hogy Kraken.

népesség: 7,450,349 fő; GDP: 9,000 dollár/fő; internethasználók: 630,000 fő (2002); forrás: CIA Factbook

Bulgária meglepően közel van, nagyjából annyi, mint a Jászaitól a Moszkva tér kedd délután ötkor. Pénztárcát markolva, cirillbetűsen beszélő emberektől tartva megyek ki a repülőtéri parkolóig, ahol rögtön az első ember szófiai Pro Tools stúdióban dolgozik. És a repülőtéri gyorsforgalmi út jóval szélesebb, mint a budapesti, amit tizenhárom évesen megláttam és azt mondtam, hogy anya, menjünk vissza Amerikába. Valószínűleg ekkor már tudtam, hogy Bulgária kiváló hely, ragadtunk a melegben és rockzenére húztunk a Meridien felé eszpresszót inni. A cirill betűk közül még csak a Я-t ismertem, a CNN-ről amikor a Hodorkovszkijt letartóztatták, de nagyjából két nap megtanulni a többit és sok a gyakorlási lehetőség. Folyékony olvasására az ötödik nap környékén számíthatunk.

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