Everything about pillow fights in this planet!

First, from BBC

Pillow fight for festival fringe

Pillow being thrown (from a pillow fight in Israel, Tal Cohen, AFP/Getty Images)Organisers say it is not just about turning up and whacking people

An interactive theatre show called the Pillow Fight Club is being staged in a Sussex town. The event is part of the F Festival, an alternative fringe element of the mainstream Brighton Festival which takes place throughout May.

The company that produces the Pillow Fight Club describes it as “the most violent pyjama party ever”.

It takes place at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Pillow Fight Club is masterminded by three actors from the Brighton-based company Alchemy Productions.

The show was dreamt up five years ago by a group of graduates from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

One of them is Kate Hazel and she described it as “essentially an organised pillow fight”.

Audience tournament

“We were very into physical and active theatre, breaking down audience barriers and making the theatrical spectacle not just something you have to watch but where you get involved,” said Ms Hazel.

“We have a warm-up session where everyone gets to whack everyone and by the end of the performance there will be a winner.”

The audience tournament consists of individual fights plus other tasks where contestants are blindfolded or use their pillows as footballs.

Safety is important and Ms Hazel said they “make people aware that they should go easy”.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest ever pillow fight was contested by 2,773 people in Wisconsin, USA, on 29 September, 2004.


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